Multi-week courses

A fantastic musical experience (student comment)

The basics
What:           1-on-1 individual coaching – just you and your tutor
Who for:       enthusiastic beginner to serious diploma student
Dates:          scheduled courses or choose your own date
Repertoire:   free choice
Partners:      partners welcome
Fees:            see here

A typical day
Breakfast while Director/Principal Coach Gil Jetley plans the day’s activities – typically organised into three two-hour sessions.  Two hours of tuition followed by two hours of supervised practise (your tutor on hand to help with difficulties), then break for an ‘al fresco’ lunch, followed by two more hours tuition. This way you consolidate new skills as you go and make fast progress.

During the evenings you can practise in your room on a digital piano although we strongly suggest you take a break before dinner so that you arrive fresh for a new start the next day.  Perhaps a stroll along a nature walk, a drive to the Adriatic or into the mountains.

Weekends you have time to explore further afield and browse local markets, discover museums, cultural treasures and art, or perhaps visit a vineyard – there is much to do and see – but note public transport is virtually non-existent, so consider renting a car at the airport if you plan to explore more than the immediate locality.

Saturday evenings Course Director Gil takes you to a local restaurant renowned for its atmosphere and regional cooking (included in course fees). This is a good time to discuss and consolidate the week’s progress and plan the week ahead.  An Italian dinner is a feast of multiple courses so don’t expect to be back in bed much before midnight!

“Unforgettable weeks of music and Italian joy” (student comment).