Nearest airports

  1. Ancona                         –  90 minutes (by car)
  2. Pescara                        –  90 minutes
  3. Purugia                         –  2 hours
  4. Rimini                            – 2 hours
  5. Rome (Ciampino)         –  2.5 hours
  6. Rome ( Fumicino)         –  2.75 hours
  7. Bologna (Marco Polo)   –  3 hours

Montemuse is in a rural area with virtually non-existent public transport.  Although there is an option to be met at Ancona airport and chauffeured to Montemuse, if you plan to explore the region during your stay you may prefer to rent a car from the airport.  The two Rome airports have the most options for flights, and the drive from either is almost all easy motorway and spectacularly scenic.

(Hint – it is much more economical to pre-book car hire from your home country rather than at the airport when you arrive).