What our students say

“Impeccable hospitality, flawless organisation, superb food, breathtaking surroundings, and first rate tuition.” (see originals here)

Value for money?
* Outstanding value with tuition, accommodation, fantastic food all included
Yes, excellent, both the teaching and the food
* Definitely!
Very good value, considering all inclusive

* Very, very enjoyable – really intense and reflective study
* Loved the One-on-One format – possible to go deeper than with a group
* A great learning experience

* Perfect
* Good, in fact excellent

Very good piano, well maintained
* Ample time and facilities
* Lovely piano

* Stunning, peaceful and inspirational
* Fantastic location, peaceful nature, a special atmosphere
* Lovely surroundings with spectacular mountain views
* Tranquil setting

* Great en-suite accommodation, 100%!
* Excellent
* Comfortable, simple and cosy, friendly hosts

* Awesome, home cooking amazing, great restaurants
* Super meals, every evening a feast
* Delicious, fantastic
* Excellent breakfasts, good lunches, good variety

* Great teacher, patient, formidable!
* Excellent teacher, full of good energy
* Excellent focus on relevant matters
* Very satisfied, fantastic musical experience

Course Director?
* Great Director, made me feel incredible happy
* Very sociable, knowledgeable and helpful

Did your musical ability and confidence grow?
* Yes to both
* Absolutely, lots of food for thought
* Now I understand better how to practise

Would you recommend the course to others?
* Yes!
* Oui!
* Ja!
* Most definitely

Would you like to come again?
* I will be returning

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