1-on-1 for 2 pianists, dates

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Course number Dates
2018/T1 Easter8 April -14 April
Full (request wait list)
2018/T2(bank holiday)6 May - 12 MayFull (request wait list)
2018/T3(bank holiday)27 May - 2 JuneFull (request wait list)
2018/T4(mid term)1 July - 7 JulyFull (request wait list)
2018/T5(bank holiday)19 Aug - 25 AugFull (request wait list)
2018/T6(late summer)9 Sept - 15 SeptFull (request wait list)
2018/T7(Autumn)23 Sept - 29 SeptFull (request wait list)
2018/T8(half term)14 Oct - 20 OctFull (request wait list)