1-on-1 for 2 pianists

Student comments
“Outstanding personal tuition – very knowledgeable and conscientious tutor”
“Great teacher, made me incredibly happy!”

The ultimate course for two pianist colleagues.  Exactly the same as our exclusive 1-on-1 coaching weeks – but for just you and a pianist colleague coming together.  And at a big discount!

From the moment you arrive together at Ancona airport be prepared to be pampered dawn to dusk.  Chauffeur service to Montemuse (optional), ensuite rooms, ice cold prosecco on arrival, al fresco breakfasts and lunches, gourmet dinners at a new restaurant each evening … we could go on!

Then there’s the music.  No matter if you’re beginner or diploma level, you’ll both have four hours individual tuition each day, a digital piano for unlimited practise, and no distractions … it’s an immensely effective way to learn a lot in a short time.  And if none of the scheduled course dates are convenient choose your own!

Student comment
“What could be better than doing the thing you love for a whole week?  Impeccable hospitality, flawless organisation, superb food and breathtaking surroundings – but don’t be deceived by the name Music Holiday Italy.  Gil (tutor) does not let anything pass and had me analyzing works and technique in a way I hadn’t done for years!”

The basics
Dates:          scheduled dates or choose your own
Check-in:     from 14.00 Sunday afternoon
Check-out:   from room before 11.00 the following Saturday morning*
Standard:     any – from enthusiastic beginner to serious diploma
Repertoire:   free choice
Partners:      spouses/partners welcome.

* courses finish after lunch on Saturday.

Mornings (9.00-13.00)
After an al fresco breakfast with Director/Principal tutor Gil Jetley, the day begins with two hours of individual tuition for each of you, covering anything from technique to interpretation and even theory if need be.  Colleagues are welcome to sit in on each other’s sessions, or disappear to their room for private practise.

We have more than a thousand piano CDs, a selection of DVDs, a small library of music text books, and 50,000 digitized piano scores for reference (some of them extremely rare) – a wealth of musical resources to explore and learn from.

Afternoons (14.00 – 1800)
A break for lunch around 13.00 and then in the afternoons another two hours tuition for each of you.  By the end of the week (it’s pretty intense) if you feel like taking an afternoon off, simply become a tourist and explore nearby cultural treasures and scenic wonders. There is so much to do and see.

Evenings (19.00 – late)
Each evening we take you out to a local restaurant renowned for its atmosphere and regional cooking (it’s all included in the fees). An Italian dinner is a feast of multiple courses.  This is a good chance to get to know your tutor personally, consolidate the day’s lessons, or discuss anything from gardening to space travel!  Just don’t expect to be back in bed before 23.00!

An unforgettable week of music and Italian joy(student comment).

Public transport is virtually non-existent, so consider renting a car at the airport if you plan to explore more than the immediate locality.