Student comments:
*  Outstanding value considering tuition, accommodation and meals all included
*  Superb value, both the excellent teaching and the gourmet dinners
*  5-star course, 5-star accommodation, 5-star organisation, 5-star location

1-on-1 coaching
1-on-1 for 2 coaching£2,000£1,000
Masterclass £1,500£1,000
Additional holiday days at Montemuse
(self-catering accommodation)
£100/dayfree if sharing

Courses run from Sunday afternoon to Saturday lunchtime. Fees are per person and include tuition, accommodation, all meals at Montemuse, and restaurant dinners.

Terms and conditions
What’s included in 1-on-1 fees? 
What’s included in 1-on-1 for 2 fees?
What’s included in Masterclass fees?