Pianists with arthritis

Following massive interest in a Facebook post about how regular practise helps with arthritis we have reserved our July masterclass for amateur pianists suffering from arthritis. As always the focus is on developing skills and musicianship in a non-competitive, inspirational setting, but in addition participants will gain support from colleagues who empathise and can offer the benefit of their experience of playing with this condition.

There is no set standard of playing and it doesn’t matter whether your arthritis is mild or severe, but for practical reasons there are only places for a maximum of 8 participants.

Masterclasses in the morning, afternoons for practise, socialising or exploring, and dinner in the evenings – a inspirational week for amateur pianists who refuse to let arthritis get the better of them.

The basics
Dates:          16-22 July inclusive
Enrol here:   Pianists with arthritis – enrolment
Check-in:      from 14.00 Sunday afternoon
Check-out:    before 11.00 the following Saturday morning
Participants:  maximum 8 per course
Level:            no set standard (Grade 5 upwards)
Repertoire:    free choice (bring your own music scores)
Partners:       non-pianist partners are welcome to listen in

The day begins at 9.00 am with a leisurely breakfast before the day’s masterclass at 10.00.

These sessions are designed to make you feel at ease, and are more informal discussion than academic masterclass – an opportunity to explore technical problems and interpretative ideas. Course Director Gil Jetley guides the session and arranges matters so that everyone has a chance to perform during the week. Through the collective knowledge and experience of the group you will surely learn something new, or perhaps appreciate something already known from a new perspective.

A break for an ‘al fresco’ lunch around 13.00 and then the afternoons are free for personal practise, socialising, or just being a tourist!  There are two digital pianos for practise (to ensure everyone gets enough time, practise may be timetabled), and individual private lessons on the conservatoire grand are available by arrangement.

Montemuse has a good range of scores and music books to browse through, and over a thousand CDs on piano music alone. Additionally we have some 50,000 digitized piano scores for reference, some of them extremely rare, out of print, or generally just hard to get.

When the music gets too much, become a tourist and explore the nearby cultural treasures and scenic wonders of the region.  For the energetic, swimming, walking, climbing, cycling, tennis, horse-riding and skiing are all possible.

Evenings are social time, for networking, exchanging war stories, or just enjoying each other’s company.  Pianists and partners gather together at Montemuse after the afternoon’s activities and anyone feeling brave enough gives a short recital while the rest of us enjoy a glass of wine.

We then head for one of the many local restaurants renowned for its atmosphere and regional cooking.  (All meals are included in course fees).  If there’s a piano, feel free to give an impromptu cabaret – the locals will love you for it!

Finally it’s back to your accommodation, to bed and a well-earned rest in preparation for the next day’s session.

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